Best Youth Compound Bow – Detailed Review And Buying Guide


Why should you look for the best youth compound bow, you might be wondering. It is undeniable that archery is such an appealing sport. You can see that for yourself since it has been around for such a long time.  And the hype surrounding it doesn’t seem to cool down anytime soon. 

Besides, archery is an ideal sport for kids to enhance their strength, endurance, agility, and learn how to be patient and calm. For that reason, why not invest in a youth compound bow and let your kid start their archery journey?

To help you pick out the best product, we will give you the top 10 bow recommendations. Now, let’s delve right into the review, shall we?

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Best Youth Compound Bow – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct nameEditor's rating Price
Diamond Infinite Edge4.9See lastest price
Bear Archery Cruzer4.8See lastest price
Barnett Vortex Lite4.8See lastest price
Bear Archery Brave4.8See lastest price
Genesis Youth4.7See lastest price
PSE Mini Burner4.7See lastest price
Dostyle Outdoor Recurve4.6See lastest price
Barnett Vortex4.6See lastest price
CenterPoint Elkhorn4.5See lastest price
Escalade Bear Archery Flash4.5See lastest price

Product Reviews 

#1 – Best For Adjustability – Diamond Archery Infinite Edge 

See Latest Price

This Diamond Archery product is worth considering if adjustability is one of your top priorities. 

With the smart design, you can adjust the draw length and weight in the range from 13 to 31 inches and 5 to 70 lbs until it feels right in your hands. Thanks to that feature, the kids can make the most of the product since it will take a while until they outgrow the bow. 

This bow also prides itself on the stability and smoothness it offers the users. Specifically, it is equipped with a redesigned cam system, the key to the most flawless and even draws.

An integral stabilizer is also added to offer the forgiveness that young players need. For someone who just started, this kit is the perfect choice because this feature provides the ultimate balance and reduces the effect of vibration for more accurate shots. 

However, some current users have complained about the lack of string silencers, a real problem for hunters. 


  • Adjustable bow
  • Comes with a full package
  • Good balance
  • Smooth shots
  • Within the budget


  • No string silencers 
  • No vibration dampeners


#2 – Best For Beginners – Bear Archery Cruzer

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Archery can be a confusing and challenging sport, especially if you start at a young age. Choosing the wrong bow as a practicing companion can directly affect one’s performance. This youth compact bow from Bear Archery is a must-check if you are a beginner looking for a bow. 

The first feature that contributes to this bow’s suitability for children is the inclusion of a vibration dampener. For the inexperienced players, holding the bow in the right position is already a constant challenge. And precisely controlling the bow or taking a smooth shot might be a little out of their leagues. 

For that reason, having a bow that reduces the vibration during the shots and silence out the string movements is a good idea. This feature alone can significantly enhance the bow control as well as the accuracy of the shots. 

Alongside that, the product is well-equipped with an EnduraFiber Quad Limb and a sturdy grip, reducing the torque that the hands produce while pulling and shooting the bowstring. Therefore, the precision of the shot will be improved. 

On the negative side, the brace height of this bow is considerably short. This feature can put some people off, so you should consider it carefully before purchasing it. 


  • Suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • Lightweight
  • Wide draw length adjustment range
  • Affordable


  • Short brace

#3 – Best For Practicing – Barnett Vortex

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You should give this Barnett Vortex bow a shot if a standard, simple-looking, and compound practicing bow for kids is what you are on the hunt for. 

The thing that makes this bow set an ideal option for daily practice is its adjustability and durability. Specifically, it is set up with a built-in modular adjustment. You can take advantage of this feature by using it to modify the draw weight, making the bow work best for your strength on a certain day. 

Besides that, the bow is constructed with the addition of high-quality fiberglass material that boosts the bow’s durability and reduces bendability when in contact with strong forces. 

In terms of additional equipment, the brand grants its users a wide range of options, including a 2-piece quiver, 3 arrows, an arrow rest, and a sight. They are all easy-to-use, so even novice archers can replace them without any struggle.

On the downside, the bow is only suitable for right-handed archers. If you are a left-handed user, this product might not be the best option. 


  • Easy-to-assemble arrows
  • Diverse in use
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • Smooth draw and speed


  • Not suitable for left-handed

#4 – Best For Arrow Construction  – Bear Archery Brave

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If you are looking for a bow set that can guarantee small kids’ safety, this second product from Bear Archery can make the best companion for your child. 

Compared to the previous product, every signature feature that defines the reputation of Bear Archery’s bows is fully kept. To name a few, the draw weight and length adjustability, the “Whisker Biscuit” arrow rest making technology still stay around. However, the brand also has given its products some touch up to improve the bow’s safety.

The safety of this youth cross all comes down to its arrow construction. Since the target this brand aims for when manufacturing this product is small kids, the brand opts for the high-quality Safetyglass arrow to optimum the safety of the product. 

Basically, the Safetyglass arrows are constructed of fiberglass, which is one of the most lightweight and flexible materials. The arrow’s lightness and delicacy give you full control over the bow movement without any fatigue or awkwardness. Therefore, using fiberglass arrows can noticeably reduce the injury rate, especially when the archers perform more complicated moves. 

However, some issues have been raised surrounding the draw length. It is relatively short compared to the recommended draw length of a youth compound bow. 


  • Easy to use
  • Considerably lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low-priced


  • Short draw length

#5 – Best Budget – Genesis Original

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When the topic of a budget is brought to the table, the bow from Genesis is deserved to be mentioned. With the product’s top-notch quality, the price it offers is the main reason why so many purchase it. 

Thanks to its reasonable price and sturdy construction, this product is a great choice for starters. Even though the main target is children between ages 4 and 7, it is widely used by archers of various ages, sizes, and playing levels, which is also the reason why it is picked as the National Archery in the Schools Program’s official bow. 

As to the construction, the bow is well-built with the best features to boost players’ performance to the maximum. There is a machined 6061-T6 riser, a modern cam system, an idler wheel, composite limbs, and flexible bowstrings, to name a few. They are all made of high-quality aluminum, sturdy material for constant and long-term usage. 

However, this youth compound bow is specifically designed for practice purposes. If you are looking for a bowhunting set, it is not the best thing to get. 


  • Suitable for both lefties and righties
  • Super lightweight
  • Noise reduction
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not for hunting

#6 – Best For Teenage Girls – PSE RTS, MINIBURNER

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The youth compound bow from PSE Archery is a must-check for young girls whose archery level is at or above the intermediate level. It is mainly thanks to the available stylish finishing coat and the professional design the product has.

Specifically, the PSE Mini Burner comes in 3 different colors: Muddy Girl Purple, Mossy Oak Country, and black. Generally, there aren’t that many brands in the market these days providing versatile bows that are appealing to girls. Therefore, to find a well-constructed bow with such diverse patterns like this product from PSE is not easy. 

Regarding the construction, the rig has everything you need to perform every skill with the ultimate accuracy. In detail, there is a lightweight riser for easy control, a PSE FC cam system for smooth shots. Also, the grip panel comes with a cable guard, making it easy and comfortable to hold. 

A 6-inch stabilizer is included in this lightweight 2.7-lb bow to reduce the noise and string vibration, adding to the forgiveness of the bow, taking things to the next level. Thanks to that feature, small girls with slightly weaker hand force and unsteady bow control can use the bow efficiently. 

However, due to a considerably complicated build, the bow is not the most suitable match for beginners.


  • Lightweight 
  • Various colors
  • Diverse accessories 
  • Available for both left- and right-handed


  • Not beginner-friendly

#7 – Best For Friction Reduction  – DOSTYLE Archery

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We highly recommend the product from DOGSTYLE for anyone searching for an effective, durable bow to practice with. 

The most outstanding feature that sets this rig apart from the rest is its arrow rest’s construction. To be more specific, it is made of sealskin and has an outer fur layer. This material is well-known for its stretchability and wear-resistance.

This “fur suspension” feature of the arrow rest reduces the arrow shaft friction by lifting it further from the bow. Thanks to it, the bow can absorb the shock when the archer pulls the string and shoots. You can immediately notice the better accuracy while shooting and the decrease in the noise level. 

Last but not least, let’s talk about this product’s bowstring. It is another feature contributing to bow pressure reduction. The string is made from top-notched dacron, one of the most elastic, quiet, and durable materials in bowstring making. Therefore, you can aim for the target with more support and forgiveness and gain the optimum results. 

However, due to the simplicity of the design, this set will work best with beginners. The professionals might find this product too unchallenging. 


  • High-quality arrow rest
  • Good for practicing
  • Elastic bowstring
  • Friction reduction


  • Not suitable for professionals

#8 – Best For Hunting Lesson – Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery

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This youth compound hunting bow from Barnett Vortex can be an ideal companion to your kids on their journey to learn hunting.

As you may already know, practicing over and over again without any new stimulation of real-life experience can kill the joy kids find in archery quicker than anything else. This bow set is everything you can ask for to prevent it from happening. 

Many customers are drawn to this product because of the number of add-ons available in the package. As opposed to practicing bow, hunting bow requires a lot of additional equipment for accurate shots. Therefore, when looking for a hunting bow, you should pay attention to the accessories. 

Fortunately, unlike many archery brands on the market, you’ll get all the essential accessories that go with the package. Specifically, it consists of 3 arrow quivers, one bow holder, 3 target arrows, an arrow rest, fiber-optic sight, and a carrying case. 

On the negative side, this product is solely designed for the right-handed. You should be aware of your kids’ dominant hand beforehand to make sure the bow is compatible with them. 


  • Eye-catching finishing coat
  • Perfect for learning how to hunt
  • Super compound
  • Durable material


  • Right-handed archers only

#9 – Best For Finger Pressure Reduction – CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn 

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This youth compound bow from Centerpoint Archery is another trust-worthy brand to look into if you seek a practicing bow for your kid. 

This bow deserves a place on our list today because of its brilliant bowstring construction. It is made from such heavy-duty material, allowing it to withstand any harsh external condition without any sign of premature damage. 

On top of that, the thick string is ideal for users with poor finger circulation. Its sturdiness reduces the finger’s pressure, thereby alleviating the finger pain that usually occurs when holding the bow for a long time. 

When it comes to adjustability, this product won’t disappoint you. The range varies from 22 to 26 inches for draw length and 17 to 21 pounds for draw weights. With this versatility, it will take a while until your kid outgrows the bow. 

Be it as it may, the accessories that come with the product should be improved in quality. Some equipment can break easily if the bow is in a full draw position or in contact with strong impacts.


  • Finger pain reduction
  • Great starter set
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of draw length and weight


  • Low-quality add-ons

#10 – Best For Competition – Bear Archery Escalade Sports

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You can’t miss this youth compound bow from the brand Bear Archer if a competing bow kit is what you are on the lookout for. With the optimum design for holding the bow at full draw, it is no wonder why this product is a perfect pick for competing. 

Regarding the design, the product is well-built with a perfect let-off percentage. For someone who doesn’t know, the let-off cam percentage plays an important role in velocity. The higher the number, the slower the speed becomes. 

For instance, a high let-off cam rate of over 75% will reduce the bow’s velocity. Luckily, this product has a let-off rate of 60%, allowing the users to upgrade their archery games with faster speed while still maintaining the shoot’s stability. 

What’s more, the arrow rest adds a lot to the ultimate forgiveness and control the bow gives the archer. The rest is called “Whisker Biscuit”, the most high-quality rest in the archery industry. It gives you a sense of steadiness and reduces the string vibration to make your shots flawless. 

However, some users have raised some issues about the product’s arrow design. It can be too complicated for kids under the age of 7 to practice with. 


  • 60% let-off cam
  • High-quality arrow rest
  • Works for both righties and lefties
  • 30-day warranty


  • Not suitable for small kids

Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying A Youth Compound Bow 

When buying a compound bow for the children, many essential factors should be prioritized. They can be fairly different from choosing a standard bow for adults. 

Therefore, paying attention to those factors below can save you time looking for a youth compound bow that isn’t appropriate. 

#1 – The Age And Size Of Your Child

The compatibility of the bow largely depends on the age and size of the kid using them. As you may already know, children of different ages have different figures, physical appearance, heights, and weights. 

For that reason, you can not randomly pick a youth bow that does not have any detailed information about the width, the length, and the average weight. 

The bow should be in the best shape and size to support the kids’ playing and not the other way around. This consideration is mainly because the nature of bowing is widely determined by the finesse of the bow controlling. 

Any discomfort and struggle when adjusting, using the bow is probably the clearest sign that the bow is not suitable. In that situation, the best thing to do is finding another dart set that works best for the specific kid. 

It can do more harm than good to keep using an unfit bow and hope that the kid can gradually adapt to the dart. 

#2 – Draw Weight

The kid’s not fully developed physique only allows them to handle a certain weight range on their hands. Therefore, it is essential to pick a bow draw whose weight they can manage now. 

The draw should also be a little bit over their current ability, so they can keep using the bow for some time before it ceases to challenge them. 

These are the recommended draw weights based on the kid’s weight and age that you can refer to when choosing draws for them:

  • For small-framed kids weighing between 55 and 70 pounds from age 3 to 8, a 6 to 10-pound draw is the best option.
  • For average-sized kids weighing between 70 and 100 pounds from age 4 to 9, a draw of 10 to 29 pounds should be your target.
  • For average-sized older kids from 9 to 18 years old, who usually weigh from 100 to 130 pounds, a draw weight ranging between 15 to 52 pounds will work best for them.

#3 – Draw Length

Another key factor that should be considered alongside the weight of the draw is its length. Though it can vary from person to person, the standard draw length of a compound bow for average-sized kids from 3 to 10 years old usually ranges between 14 to 25 inches. 

Depending on the kid’s physical figure, you can choose the bow that fits them the most, as long as it falls into the average range. 

On the other hand, if the kid is considered big for their age, it would be best to look for longer draws than the standard measurement. You can choose any bow whose draw length is between 15 to 20 inches. 

#4 – Total Bow Mass

The total bow weight can directly affect the performance of one’s playing. It also dictates the user’s safety and comfort.  A bow that is too heavy for a kid’s capacity can lead to many errors while practicing. 

Besides, holding a heavyweight bow for a long time can lead to unexpected injuries and quick fatigue. 

Therefore, you should consider this factor when purchasing a bow for your children. Kids whose ages under 10 should only be allowed to use bows that weigh under 3 pounds. 

More specifically, if your kid is petite, you should opt for a bow weighing between 1.3 to 2 pounds. On the other hand, a 2.3 to 2.8-pound bow is the perfect range for kids who are above average size. 

#5 – Package Deal

Based on the kid’s ability, current level, and playing purpose, the package deal might differ from one another. Generally speaking, there are the 2 most common types of bow package: practicing set and hunting set. 

Practice bow kit is specifically designed for kids who just got started on their bowing journey. The kit includes every necessary equipment required for shooting lessons. They are all standard-looking and straightforward-to-use to make learning much easier for complete beginners. 

To differentiate a practice set from a bowhunting set, you should aim for the arrows’ shape and characteristics. Most of the time, arrows for deer hunting or small game hunting will be in the broadhead style. Whereas archery practice kits usually come in the form of bullet points for higher accuracy. 

#6 – Material

The bow’s material is another important thing to consider but is often overlooked. 

The high-quality bow should be made of various layers of sturdy woods stacking together. Some bows are also crafted using fiberglass and carbon fiber between 2 layers for better bow protection and longevity. 

Woods is by far the most commonly used material in bow making. Besides them, red elm, maple, bamboo are some of the alternatives that some manufacturers opt for. 

When choosing bows for kids, especially novice players, the more silencing the material, the more efficient the practice will be. 

The main reason for that is due to the slowness of the shooting when using youth bows. If the material is too chunky or not silencing enough, string jump can be a real problem. 

#7 – Budget

Youth compound bows can vary in price like any other product. You can choose among cheap, average, or high-end bow sets depending on the frequency of use, playing level, and professional or recreational purpose. 

If your kid just started picking up the bow, it is highly suggested to choose the lower-budget one, for it will still do its job perfectly fine. Since high-end bows will be harder to adjust and control, they might be a little bit challenging for young beginners. 

In addition to that, the physical development of children changes constantly. In the span of only a few years, they will likely outgrow the current bow size and require something bigger, thus, investing in something within the budget might do good for you. 

#8 – Dominant Hand

Determining whether your kid is right-handed or left-handed first and accordingly choosing a bow kit is a smart move for you to do. It has a tremendous impact on users’ comfort and bow control. 

When using an unfit bow, the hands’ movement will be rigid, awkward, therefore, negatively affecting the performance and reducing practicing efficiency.

To decide which bow type will work best for your kid, you can try this method below. Firstly, let him or her face a random object, point his or her fingers towards the object while looking at it with the right eye closed. 

If the kid’s fingers remain at the same place, a left-handed bow kit will be the perfect match. If he or she adjusts his or her fingers, it would be best if you opted for a right-handed bow. 

#9 – Accessories

What additional equipment that the full package offers can be an important criterion when deciding whether or not you should purchase a specific product. In some cases, especially if you are on a hunt for a practice bow kit, accessories play a role as major as the bow itself. 

For instance, things like release aid, sling, arrow puller, and shooting gear can remarkably improve your playing experience. They provide you with the necessary support that makes your hunting game or your practice sessions much more effective and joyful. 

#10 – Aluminum Arrow

Together with carbon, aluminum is one of the most-used materials for consistent, straight, and sturdy arrows. Aluminum arrows offer the stability that children need but don’t cost as much as carbon alternatives. 


#1 – What is the best youth compound bow?

We highly recommend the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge bow set for having the widest range of draw length and weight options, which can work perfectly for different stature and athletic ability. Also, the design is super compact and suitable for all levels. 

#2 – What is a good draw weight for a 12-year-old?

You should keep in mind that besides age, the kid’s physical characteristics are another important factor to consider when picking out bows. Depending on the physique, a 12-year-old can use any bow weighing between 14 to 24 pounds.

#3 – Are old compound bows worth anything?

The value of an old compound bow depends largely on the current condition. Some factors that will dictate its value include the string, the arrow, and the finishing coat condition. But generally, any bow that is over 2 years old will likely lose its worth. 

#4 – What size bow should I get for my son?

The compatibility of a bow can only be decided if the kid’s age and physical characteristics are determined. Generally speaking, average-sized kids between 10 and 15 years old will be the most comfortable with compound bows of less than 40 inches. 

#5 – What is a good bow draw weight for a 14-year-old?

The suitable bow draws weight will vary depending on whether the kid is small-framed, average-sized, or above average. Normally, the recommended draw weight for young children between the age of 9 and 13 is 15 to 25 pounds. 

#6 – Can a Barnett Vortex kill a deer?

Any hunting bow weighing over 40 pounds can kill a living deer if the shot is accurate and lands in the right place. Within a distance of fewer than 30 yards, the 45-pound Barnett Vortex can finish the animal if you shoot the arrow through its head, lungs, or heart. 

#7 – How much draw weight does it take to kill a deer?

Any bow whose draw weight over 40 pounds is enough to kill a deer. However, the draw weight is not the only factor that determines. For instance, the archery level and the shot’s accuracy also influence the outcome. 

#8 – How do I know my draw weight?

The compatible draw weight can be determined based on your age and your stature. For young children from age 6 to 14, the best draw weight ranges from 10 to 25 pounds. From 15 to 18 years old, a 30 to 50-pound bow is a perfect choice. 

#9 – What is a good draw weight for beginners?

Typically, medium-frame children who just started should only use bows whose draw weight is between 10 to 25 pounds. On the other hand, grown average-sized women and men can be comfortable with any bow weighing between 25 to 60 pounds. 

#10 – What can you do with old bows?

If the bow is still in good condition and can be utilized for longer, selling them online is a good idea. Suppose the bow is too old to sell, you can donate it to any local archery clubs where you live. 

The Bottom Line

Our best youth compound bow review has eventually drawn to an end. We hope that after reading our post, you have gained all the necessary knowledge when choosing a youth compound bow. 

If you are interested in one of our recommended brands, it would be best to do some further research into the product. Reading up on its specification and detailed features is a good thing to start. 

All in all, we wish you the best, and don’t forget to come back for more similar reviews from us!

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